A little bit about me – what’s next?

My dream at the moment is to build a business around sport and exercise coaching, posture correction and holistic lifestyle coaching. I would love to set up a new mum’s fitness group as well, focusing on buggy fit, weight loss and general social aspects and support.

My triathlon ambition is to podium at a major championships, I definitely have the determination to do it but a lot relies on luck on the day as well as you do not know who is going to turn up. Previous world championship races I have competed in have seen ex elites and Olympic medal winners in our age group so we have never really stood any chance. We are competing in Majorca Ironman 70.3 in May and my goal is to try my best to get around in 5 hours which is going to be tough but with the form I had this season I think it is achievable and why not set my sights high.

As for the blog I had hoped it might be a great place to share my experiences on a weekly or monthly basis, posting updates such as what training I have been doing, adventures we have had, my journey through the upcoming triathlon seasons as well as posting about my journey hopefully from veterinary radiographer to business owner and sport and exercise coach. I would also like to share my experiences with regards to my mental health which I still struggle with every now and again, I hope that sharing things will help not only myself but more importantly help others, especially to understand that they are not on their own and there is help out there.

I am sure whatever happens there will be many up’s and downs along the way and I can not wait to share these experiences with you.

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