New beginnings

I’m very conscious of the fact that so far my posts have just been a bit of background behind where I am today. This is not one of those posts!

Since last posting I have had a rough and rocky few weeks, this is due to sort of reaching a crossroad in my life and having to make a decision about which route to take. I’ve talked about wanting to make a go at a career in sport and now I have my qualification I thought it’s about time I put it to good use.

I have been trying to balance a full time 9-5 job, triathlon training and extra weekend radiography shifts with a few clients and it just wasn’t working well for me. The reality is that something has to give and it’s been a tough, long thought out decision but my 9-5 is the part that needs to change. As a radiographer I am very privileged to be in a profession that will always be in demand, especially as I have a wide range of scanning experience in both CT and MRI. I am proposing to use this to my advantage and sign up with agencies and then effectively pick and choose when I want to work. This means I have more time to focus on building my client numbers up and hopefully then less radiography shifts.

I’m petrified of what the future holds for me but it’s time to step out my comfort zone and follow my heart. I have to give this a chance and I know whatever happens I will give it 100%, what more can I ask of myself! Equally I’m so excited to be starting this new path, doing something I love and feel passionately about. I just hope people can relate to my story, see where I have come from and where I have got too, I just want to inspire people to do the same and I want to help them every step of the way.

I am very aware though that I now need to lead by example, I am a walking living advertisement for myself and my programs. I am actually looking forward to using this as my own goal and dream, be the person I want to be, be the best version of myself.

So that’s it, I handed my notice in last friday and it actually felt a huge relief doing it. The process had taken up so much of my thoughts, so much of my mindspace. Once again I felt petrified but stupidly excited. I am going to make this work, I have to!

Just to go off on a tangent but other exciting news is that I treated myself to a new triathlon bike. My current bike is fantastic but when I got a bike fit I was a little bigger and also i was just getting into triathlons so my bike setup was very relaxed and in fact not aero at all. When we have tried to change this setup it turns out the bike is too big for me so there is no where to go in terms of changing or tweaking anything, which means a new triathlon bike was needed, oh what a shame ha ha. I had set a budget and started trawling through the internet but nothing really caught my eye except for some ridiculously expensive bikes. That was it i had to up my budget. I then came across the Trek website where you could customise your bike, beautiful colours and change the wheel set etc and that was it i found THE bike. A stunning purple sparkly, glittery gorgeous bike, i had to have it, but unfortunately this means the budget has had to doubled, ekkkkkk, not exactly what i need right now bearing in mind my new job status. I have been working extra weekend shifts to help pay for it and hey i am worth it. I hope this bike takes me up another level, i have huge expectation of next season. So now i have to wait, fingers crossed it gets here soon. Merry christmas to me. I will definitely post some pictures once she arrives or you can check out my instagram profile as there are some pictures on there already @plasticscouse

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