New year, new me!

Happy new year everyone, I hope you had a great festive season with your loved ones.

So after an amazing christmas and new year I had the prospect of starting my new life in self employment. I must admit I was feeling pretty nervous about whether I had made the right decision or not, I was told by my old boss that he thought I was having a midlife crisis. I mean who knows maybe that is what it is?! As previously mentioned I feel very privileged to be a radiographer and at the moment that profession is in demand. So although I am nervous about self employment and what it holds for me I know I am a hard worker and I can always fall back on my radiography career and I know the minimum amount of weekend agency shifts I need to do to enable me to pay the bills and maintain the lifestyle I currently have, so what can go wrong right ha ha.

So week one of my mid life crisis has gone amazingly really. I sold my car and bought a campervan, my new bike has arrived and is truly stunning, I am so pleased with it and in terms of personal training clients I have been advertising and getting lots of interest which is fantastic. I have one client signed up with myself and 3 friends who I have been using to practice on who are continuing with the programs I have designed for them and already reaping the benefits.

As for my triathlon training I am currently on week 1 of 4 of a trial with a new tri coach. So far I have loved having the structure to my training program rather than the random, ‘what do I feel like today’ training I have done previously. It certainly has given me a new drive and focus, which I definitely needed after the xmas and new year over indulgence and lack of exercise. If things continue in the same direction I will definitely be signing up with him on a more long term basis, so watch this space.

Mentally this is the best I have felt for a long time as well, I think the time away at new year in Edinburgh and also not having the negative thoughts running through my head about my old job also helps. I am focused and have a new drive about me so I dont have the time for the negative thoughts at the moment, it is such a relief!

So my first week was fantastic, so far so good and no regrets at all!

In other parts of my life I found out on facebook (of all things) that my ex now has a new girlfriend. When I found out it did hurt a little, not because he has found someone else, but because all the way through our break up I had tried to be respectful by not posting things on social media and also the fact that I would tell him and make him aware of everything before finding out things via other methods or people. I thought that being with someone for as long as we had, I owed him that at the very least, whether he wanted to listen to what I was telling him or not. So yes I have found out via facebook! All that aside I am pleased he has found someone, I want him to be happy at the end of the day and I wish them all the best of luck.

Going into week 2 of self employment and I am excited to see what the week brings. I have another great week of training planned for me by my coach, I have my paying clients and free taster session clients booked in and I am really looking forward to some down time with my wonderful boyfriend 😊


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