My fitness career journey so far!

So at the beginning of the new year I started my journey into a new career in sport. Personal training, corrective exercise coaching, holistic lifestyle coaching and strength and conditioning really. I was very lucky to have a boyfriend that was already in this industry  so could steer me in the right direction from the start and avoid making the same mistakes he did. I didn’t think it was going to be a success overnight and I knew it would be hard work. What I didn’t consider was how my personality would cope with this. The fact of people being interested and signing up for more information or for a free consultation with me and then not getting back in touch or just ignoring my calls/texts, or just being rude on the phone etc. That frustration as well that you know you can help the people that are coming to see you, you could completely transform their lives but unfortunately they just can’t afford what you are offering, those things are what I didn’t account for and I have found it really tough, in some low points it has made me burst out in tears, questioning if I have done the right thing, have I made the right decision to try a different path, worrying then about not paying bills etc. I honestly owe so much to my boyfriend, he has been so patient with me and keeps telling me that I am doing amazing, keeps building me up and I find it hard not to believe him. One thing I do know is that I am so happy when I am with my clients, planning my sessions, participating in sport, I can’t go back to the person I was back when I was just a radiographer. I am determined and I want this to be a success so badly, not just for myself but for Ian (my boyfriend). He is doing so well at the moment and I have been doing a lot of his admin and work behind the scenes really. We have been posting exercise videos and the feedback has been so positive so just building on this now is my focus as I feel the more I get myself out there and be seen the more will realise who we are and what we do etc. I am starting a strength and conditioning class near to where I live this week and I am super nervous but again I realise that unless I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone nothing is going to change, so please keep everything crossed for me!!!

in other news I have been taken on by a triathlon coaching company in Guernsey. Tri fitness have sponsored me for the year and have been producing my training plans for me with the focus at the moment being Ironman 70.3 in Majorca in May. I am putting it out there that I would love to qualify for the world championships so that’s the aim really. The team have been fantastic so far and really supportive so can highly recommend them. It’s the online training that they are wanting to expand on so it’s teally interesting to see how this works really but so far so good.

My other fantastic news is that I have been asked to be a brand ambassador for a bike insurance company called Bikmo. Again this is the most incredible news and I am totally blown away to be asked. This company are absolutely fantastic, I’m sure they won’t mind me saying that they are all huge cycling geeks, but that’s what I love about it. The passion for what they do shines through on their website and with there customer service. If you need any bike insurance and you are based in the UK you can use a discount code of claire5 or clairebrown5 for 5% discount. The insurance covers your bike and all your kit as well, which is amazing as it’s not cheap to say the least!

The only other news, and it’s quite huge really for me is that I have made the decision to race back under my maiden name this year. It’s very likely that I will be starting the process of divorce at some point this year and I would love nothing more than my parents watching me racing under ‘Williams’ I am super excited about it and I really can’t wait to see my name on that GB kit with my sponsors logos. Lots to look forward to this year and I can’t flipping wait.


I hope you are all doing good x

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