Enjoying the off season, or maybe not???

I just wanted to talk about my experiences post my last race of the season. I shared this on my Business Facebook page as I know some of my clients or people I come across could maybe relate to it or benefit from it, it is also good to be truthful about my own mental and physical health as I think some people just see ‘Claire the triathlete’ or ‘Claire the PT’ and don’t see the real me or the real struggles I face just like themselves. Anyway here goes!

I had maintained a clean, healthy lifestyle for probably 6-7 months including the run up to and during the triathlon season. This included eating to my diet type (I am a polar diet type – I do really well on meat!) and drinking 1.5+ litres of water each day. It wasn’t 100% clean the whole time with the odd treat and glass of wine every now and again, being that restrictive can’t be maintained for that length of time. The one other thing I always do is allow myself the night off after a race and once the season is over I always allow myself to essentially eat and drink what and when I want (within reason!) The same goes for the training, once the last race of the season is done, I need that down time to relax mentally and physically before it all begins again with the winter training.

So it is now 3 wks into the off season and I honestly feel awful!! I am bloated, lethargic, gassy, I am not sleeping well, my skin is awful and mentally I am battling the negative thoughts. I have put on 5kg in this short amount of time as well which in part is normal and should be allowed for, I am not training at all and there is no way I can maintain my race weight for long periods of time, but for me even though my current weight is a more normal maintainable weight it’s about how you feel as well and I just feel rotten.

Anyway the point I wanted to make is that i know what is making me feel like this, I know the exact foods and drinking alcohol are responsible, I also know as soon as I start to eat a diet that agrees with my body, keeping myself hydrated with water and starting to exercise again, I will very quickly feel mentally and physically so much better, what I also know is I am not going to feel guilty for it, I need this downtime and it also makes me appreciate feeling healthy when I do eat clean again.

I know some of my clients feel like I currently do but are not being true to themselves about their diet and hydration. I work out their metabolic diet type as part of their assessment with me yet I know they are eating things which their body type doesn’t agree with or they are still eating chocolates and drinking alcohol but then feel disappointed as they are not achieving the results they want from their programs and feel down on themselves.

It is so easy to make small changes in your life which your body will thank you for both physically and mentally. Even if it’s not eating quite so much bread, drinking more water, getting outdoors more often, I promise by making these small changes your body will thank you for it 💕 I just wish more people would listen to their body and notice the signs, it’s true ‘You are what you eat’.

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